Project: Unreal Robots

ECTS12 + 12 ECTS
SemesterWiSe 2017 & Fortsetzung im SoSe 2018
VortragendeProf. Michael Beetz
ÜbungsleitungAndrei Haidu
SpracheEnglisch & Deutsch
PlenumFreitag: 10:00-12:00, Ort: TAB 0.31, Eingang E
Projektraum TAB 2.91
Auftaktplenum 20.10.2016


In order for future robots to successfully accomplish more and more complex manipulation tasks, they are required to be action-aware and possess naive physics reasoning capabilities. They need to possess a model regarding how the effects of their actions depend on the way they are executed. For example, a robot making pancakes should have an understanding that pouring the pancake-mix on the oven depends on the position and the way the container is held, or that sliding a spatula under a pancake may or may not damage it depending on the angle and the dynamics of the push.

This required knowledge cannot be easily expressed and formalized in knowledge bases and knowledge representation languages. Therefore we ask video game players to perform such actions in simulation-based virtual reality environments and acquire such knowledge from the logfiles of the game episodes.