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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) directed by Prof. Michael Beetz is part of the Faculty of Computer Science and member of the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) at the University of Bremen.

Science Award 2022 for Startup Ubica Robotics GmbH

The startup Ubica Robotics GmbH, which emerged from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, has received the Science Award endowed with 50,000 euros, in the category “Best Startup”. The prize was awarded by the EHI Foundation on June 1, 2022 in Düsseldorf.

Since their founding in 2020, Ubica develops autonomous scanning robots creating digital twins of retail stores. Their technology is based on research results from the “REFILLS” project, funded by the European Commission and provides information on the the location of products, store layout and the actual inventory and turnover of goods. By identifying gaps on shelves, a significant increase in efficiency and productivity in retail stores can be processed, as the supply chain can be individually optimized for each store. This not only makes processes more cost-efficient, but also improves the shopping experience for customers.

We sincerely congratulate Dr.-Ing. Ferenc Bálint-Benczédi, Georg Bartels, Alexis Maldonado und Jonas Reiling as the founders of Ubica for this special prize.

Find more information about Ubica here: https://www.ubica-robotics.eu/

2022/06/17 12:12

EASE Fall School 2022

We are happy to announce: The upcoming EASE Fall School will take place from 19th to 23rd September 2022 in the facilities of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen.

Our Fall School gives doctoral students the chance to learn about AI, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, Robotics, and the challenging field of Robot Manipulation. In lectures and hands-on courses, you can exchange thoughts and ideas with our invited speakers and experts from the collaborative research center EASE.

Register now here: https://ease-crc.org/ease-fall-school-2022/#apply2022

2022/06/02 13:44

Second Virtual TransAIR Event

We are delighted to announce the upcoming TransAIR virtual workshop on “Cognitive Architectures for Robot Agents” which will be held from 22nd to 28th March 2021.

This TransAIR workshop will bring together leading experts to address the challenges of developing cognitive architectures for robot agents. The primary goal of the workshop is to open a discussion on possible interdisciplinary collaborations and the identification of prospects for collaborative development, ideally in an open-source open-systems framework.

Stay tuned for updates or find further information about the workshop on our website or contact us via email: contact@transair-bridge.org

2021/01/18 10:09

REMARO seeks candidates for 15 PhD positions

Work together on more reliable AI for marine robotics (vision, navigation, perception, planning, failure recovery, testing, verification, model-checking, model-driven engineering …). There are 15 different research projects available with different prerequisites and focus, located in Copenhagen, Oslo, Porto, Delft, Aachen, and in our Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

We are offering a position in the following field:

  • Digital Twin Knowledge Base for submarine robot inspection/manipulation

You can find a in-depth description for the position at our Institute on the Jobs overview page and the REMARO website.

2020/10/22 08:23

First virtual TransAIR conference

The first virtual TransAIR conference called “Democratize AI with open research” kicks off today.

From Wednesday, September 30th until October 14th participants can listen to pre-recorded material by international speakers on advances, challenges and potentials of open science in Artificial Intelligence as well as robotics, task planning, robot motor control, knowledge representation, reasoning, machine learning and computer vision.

Moreover, the schedule includes interviews, Q&A's, a panel discussion and tutorials on open projects alongside many networking opportunities with other participants.

Learn more here https://transair-bridge.org/conference-2/
Registration is possible until Sunday, October 4th.

2020/09/30 09:22