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Research Assistant in the IntEL4CoRo Project

With immediate effect the Institute calls for applications under the condition of job release – a position in the BMBF-funded Research Project IntEL4CoRo as:

Research Assistant (f/m/d)

Salary scale TV-L 13, 50% (19,6 hours per week) until 31st May 2025.

Reference number: A179/22

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2023/07/03 12:15

Theses and Student Jobs

If you are looking for a bachelor's/master's thesis or a job as a student research assistant, you may find some interesting opportunities on this page.

Scene Format Conversion Tool for Robotics Simulation (MA Thesis)


With robotics playing a significant role in various domains, simulation is essential for developing and testing algorithms. Multiple simulators are available, each with its own specialized format (SDF, USD, MJCF, URDF, FBX) for describing scenes. This diversity of formats makes it challenging to transfer scenarios between simulators. Therefore, a versatile parser that can convert scene descriptions between these formats is highly valuable.

Task Description:

The objective of this project is to develop a universal parser capable of converting scene descriptions between common formats. The following key steps are involved:

  1. Create a model to represent and store the scene graph.
  2. Implement import functions for the model to handle scene descriptions in any of the supported formats.
  3. Implement export functions for the model to generate scene descriptions in any of the supported formats.


  • A strong passion for robotics.
  • Dedication to the chosen topic.
  • Eager to learn.

Contact: Giang Nguyen

Generating Comics about Everyday Experiences of a Robot (BA Thesis)


  • Query experience data from an existing database
  • Retrieve situations of interest
  • Recreate the scene in a 3D environment
  • Apply a comic shader
  • Find good camera position for moments of interest
  • Generate a PDF summarizing the experiences as a comic strip

Contact: Daniel Beßler

Integration von common-sense anhand eines alltäglichen Beispiels (BA Thesis)

In dieser Arbeit soll anhand eines alltäglichen Beispiels (einem Roboter, der verschiedene Schneideaktionen ausführen können soll), common-sense Wissen in eine bestehende Wissensbasis integriert werden. Dazu soll der ATOMIC Datensatz betrachtet werden (

Die Aufgaben dazu sind:

  • Einarbeitung in Wissensrepräsentation
  • Einarbeitung in Owlready und entitity linking
  • Erstellung von Kompetenzfragen und Evaluierung der Integration

Contact: Michaela Kümpel

Development of Modules for Robot Perception (Student Job / HiWi)

In our research group, we focus on the development of intelligent robots that are combining modern computer vision methods with knowledge representation. We are offering multiple Hiwi positions / student jobs for software development in the context of our Robot Perception framework RoboKudo, which contains many algorithms for computer vision problems (mainly Python).


  • Solid experience in python and object-oriented programming
  • Basic understanding of the ROS middleware and Linux
  • Basic understanding of computer vision methods

The spoken language in this job is german or english, based on your preference. Work can be done fully remote.

Contact: Patrick Mania

Game Engine Developer and 3D-Modelling (Student Job / HiWi)

A recent development in the field of AI is the usage of photorealistic simulations, for example to create digital twins of environments like households or factories. In our research group, we focus on the development of modern robots that can make use of the potential of game engines. This requires a high degree of specialized game engine plugins that can simulate certain aspects of our research. Another important task is the creation of 3d models.

Therefore, we are offering multiple Hiwi positions / student jobs for the following tasks:

  • Modelling of objects for the use in Unreal Engine 4.
  • Creation of specific simulation aspects in Unreal Engine 4. For example the development of interactable objects.


  • Knowledge of 3D-Modelling tools. Blender would be highly preferred.
  • Experience in Game Engine development. Ideally Unreal Engine 4 and C++.

The spoken language in this job is german or english, based on your preference.

Contact: Patrick Mania

Roboterdemos in einer smarten Küche

Zur Unterstützung im Teilprojekt F (Laborinfrastruktur) des SFB EASE suchen wir ab dem 01.07.2024 für 74 Stunden im Monat eine engagierte, studentische Hilfskraft. Im Rahmen der Stelle sollen kleine Pick-and-Place-Demos mit verschiedenen Robotern, wie dem Stretch 2 von Hello Robot und dem TIAGo++ von Pal Robotics, entwickelt werden. Dazu soll außerdem eine Schnittstelle für eine vorhandene Miele API geschrieben werden und an einen ROS-Service angebunden werden. Damit können die Roboter selbstständig die smarten Küchengeräte steuern.

Voraussetzungen für den Job sind:

  • Kenntnisse in Python
  • Studium an der Uni Bremen in Informatik oder Digital Media
  • Selbstständiges Arbeiten

Contact: Jeroen Schäfer

Prof. Dr. hc. Michael Beetz PhD
Head of Institute

Contact via
Andrea Cowley
assistant to Prof. Beetz

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