Application Template for Google Summer of Code 2014

You can apply for a topic within our Google Summer of Code proposal for 2014 by

Information we need from you

  • Your name
  • A phone number if you are in Germany, alternatively Skype
  • An e-mail address where you can be reached for daily communication

Also list your relevant coursework in:

  • Robotics
  • Software engineering
  • Simulation environments (esp. physics simulation)

Past Experience

Please list relevant previous experience you had in software development, internships, class projects, (under)graduate research and contributions to open source projects. Also, name the programming languages and operating systems that you have experience working with.

Besides a general overview of your experiences, we are interested in concrete examples of your work, which may include:

  • Sample code you wrote that you are proud of
  • Publications you participated in (please include a copy of the paper)
  • Specialized skills in particular areas that might be interesting in the context of one of your projects
  • References, i.e. names and contact details of people you have worked with that can recommend you

Statement of Interest

In one or two paragraphs, please explain which project topics you are interested in, how would you approach working on the project and also describe your general interests and background.