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Open researcher positions

Theses and Student Jobs

If you are looking for a bachelor/master thesis or a job as a student research assistant, you may find some interesting opportunities on this page.

Knowledge-enabled PID Controller for 3D Hand Movements in Virtual Environments (BA/MA Thesis)

Implementing a force-, velocity- and impulse-based PID controller for precise and responsive hand movements in a virtual environment. The virtual environment used in Unreal Engine in combination with Virtual Reality devices. The movements of the human user will be mapped to the virtual hands, and controlled via the implemented PID controllers. The controller should be able to dynamically tune itself depending on the executed actions (opening/closing a drawer or lifting a heavy object) in combination with the physical limitations of the physics engine (dynamic update rates).


  • Good C++ programming skills
  • Familiar with PID controllers and control theory
  • Experience with simulators/game engines is recommended
  • Experience with Unreal Engine
  • Familiar with version-control systems (git)
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision

Contact: Andrei Haidu

Mesh Editing / Mesh Segmentation/Cutting (Student Job / HiWi)

Editing and cutting a human mesh into different parts in Blender / Maya (or other).


  • Good knowledge in 3D Modeling
  • Familiar with Blender / Maya (or other)

Contact: Mona Abdel-Keream