Mona Abdel-Keream

Research Staff

Tel: –49 -421 218 64017
Fax: –49 -421 218 64047
Room: TAB 1.82
Mail: abdelker(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de

Projects involved in


  • AI: Knowledge Acquisition and Representation (WS2018/19,WS2019/20,WS2020/21) (Tutorial)
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (SS2018,SS2019,SS2020 ) (Tutorial)
  • Game Engines in AI (WS2018/19) (Lecture)
  • Praktische Informatik 2 (SS2019) (Tutorial)
  • VRLabLinking Bachelor Project [VR-LL] (WS2022/23)


Workshop Papers
[1]Mona Abdel-Keream, Michael Beetz, Patrick Mania and Jose Rojas, "Towards a Photorealistic Learning Infrastructure for Human Activities", In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Madrid, Spain, 2018. [bibtex]
[2]Mona Abdel-Keream, Daniel Beßler, Ayden Janssen, Sascha Jongebloed, Robin Nolte, Mihai Pomarlan and Robert Porzel, "An Ontological Model of User Preferences", In RobOntics workshop, 2023. [bibtex]

Prof. Dr. hc. Michael Beetz PhD
Head of Institute

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Andrea Cowley
assistant to Prof. Beetz

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