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 Organizational Issues and Materials can be found at our Organizational Issues and Materials can be found at our
 [[https://​elearning.uni-bremen.de/​details.php?​sem_id=7bbb93cc50d8ac44b1f2edd11f8434af&​send_from_search=1&​send_from_search_page=sem_portal.php%3Fkeep_result_set%3D11|Stud.IP page]] [[https://​elearning.uni-bremen.de/​details.php?​sem_id=7bbb93cc50d8ac44b1f2edd11f8434af&​send_from_search=1&​send_from_search_page=sem_portal.php%3Fkeep_result_set%3D11|Stud.IP page]]
 +===== News =====
 +  * Please register for the seminar on [[https://​elearning.uni-bremen.de|Stud.IP]].
 +  * First seminar will be held on 20.4.