Image Understanding

Dauer4 SWS
VortragendeProf. Michael Beetz, Ferenc Balint-Benczedi, Thiemo Wiedemeyer, Jan-Hendrik Worch
SpracheDeutsch, Englisch
Termine Mo., 10:00 - 12:00, Ort: TAB 1.58
BemerkungenVorlesungsbeginn: 13.04.2015

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The seminar will deal with the challenges of semantic perception in the context of robotics, presenting various aspects of it. Students will be presented with an overview of the field followed by individual presentations and reports of pre-defined topics.


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  • First seminar will be held on 20.4.


  • Camera Model | RGBD-Camera Registration
  • 3D-Feature Detectors and Descriptors
  • Hough Transformation
  • Object Recognition
  • Object Detection
  • Object Model Reconstruction
  • Human Detection
  • Probability Theory
  • Tracking Algorithms

For a general overview about perception in robotics students are encouraged to look at the following paper :

  • Vision for Robotics, Markus Vincze and Danica Kragic in Foundations and Trends in Robotics Vol. 1, No. 1 (2010) 1–78 [pdf]
Object Detection and Recognition
  • Richard Szeliski: Computer Vision:Algorithms and Applications, Chapter 14 (link),
  • Collet Object Recognition and Full Pose Registration from a Single Image for Robotic Manipulation
Hough Transform, RANSAC, ICP
  • Wikipedia is normally a great place for geting familiar with these algorithms
  • Papzov et.el. An Efficient RANSAC for 3D Object Recognition in Noisy and Occluded Scenes
  • Find more applications of these algorithms in robotics e.g.:
Tracking and Recognizing Humans
  • Forsyth Computational Studies of Human Motion: Part 1, Tracking and Motion Synthesis(pdf)
  • Pons-Moll Metric Regression Forests for Human Pose Estimation( pdf)

Prof. Dr. hc. Michael Beetz PhD
Head of Institute

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