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 **Pleas sign up for the course on [[http://​www.elearning.uni-bremen.de|StudIP]]** **Pleas sign up for the course on [[http://​www.elearning.uni-bremen.de|StudIP]]**
-== Description == +=== Description ​=== 
-Some of the topics covered by the lecture: +The lecture covers all important aspects of 3D semantic perception with a high focus on applicability and real world tasks. ​Some of the topics covered by the lecture:
   * Introduction to 3D   * Introduction to 3D
   * Features and Descriptors   * Features and Descriptors
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-== Preliminary Course Schedule (subject to change): ==+=== Preliminary Course Schedule (subject to change): ​===
 |< 100% 35% 65%>| |< 100% 35% 65%>|