Welcome to the Institute for Artificial Intelligence!

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) is directed by Prof. Michael Beetz.

As a research institute, we conduct basic scientific research in the field of cognition-enabled robotics for everyday activities.

As part of the Faculty of Computer Science, we have a project-based teaching approach. Our hands-on projects in teaching include SuTuRoProjekt: SUTURO - sudo tidy-up-my-room, IntEL4CoRo and the annual EASE Fall School.

The IAI is member of the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) as well as the high-profile area Minds, Media and Machines (MMM) at the University of Bremen.


Funded projects
EASE (SFB 1320) is a collaborative research center for everyday activities.
IntEL4CoRo provides an interactive learning environment.
euROBIN is a European Network of Excellence that the IAI is part of.
REMARO develops a reliable and safe AI system for underwater robotics.
Tracebot enables robotic systems to understand what they do.
Internal projects
CRAM is a software toolbox for the implementation of autonomous robots.
KnowRob is a knowledge processing system for robots.
OpenEASE is a web-based knowledge service providing robot and human activity data.
GISKARD is a framework for constraint- and optimization-based robot motion and planning control.
RoboKudo is a perception framework targeted for robot manipulation tasks.

A full overview of our ongoing and completed projects can be found here.


Call for submissions: 9th workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition

The 9th workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition will be held at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence's TAB building on September 14 and 15, 2023. The goal of the AIC workshop series is to provide an international scientific forum for the discussion and presentation of theoretical and applied research developments in the areas of cognitive-inspired artificial intelligence, cognitive artificial systems, computational cognitive science and neuroscience.

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2023/05/25 07:09

A friendly competition in preparation for the RoboCup@Home

Last week, we hosted a friendly competition for the first time in the rooms of the new Robotics Apartment at our Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI): The SutuRoboCup pitted the University of Bielefeld's TIAGo (PAL robotics) robot against the IAI's HSR ( Human Support Robot - Toyota) robot in a friendly head-to-head match in preparation for the RoboCup@Home competition in July.

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2023/04/06 12:56

IAI-Head Professor Michael Beetz awarded prestigious ERC Advanced Grant

We are happy to share the success of the head of our Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Professor Michael Beetz, who has been awarded an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for his scientific work.

The ERC Advanced Grant recognises Michael Beetz as an outstanding leader with a track record of ground-breaking research achievements his field. The Grant is a special award intended to enable research work that comes with increased risks but also great promises for tackling societal challenges.

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2023/04/06 08:36


A detailed description of most courses can be found in the Online Module Handbook of the Department.

If you are looking for lectures from past semesters, take a look at our Lecture archive.

Besides lectures and projects, we also offer thesis assignments and jobs for student research assistants. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Prof. Dr. hc. Michael Beetz PhD
Head of Institute

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Andrea Cowley
assistant to Prof. Beetz

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