New CoAI Joint Research Center explores co-constructive artificial intelligence

We are pleased to be able to further strengthen our research collaborations with our partner universities Bielefeld and Paderborn in the “Joint Research Center on Cooperative and Cognition-enabled AI” (CoAI).
The Center will investigate how artificial intelligence systems that perceive and act can learn to understand and reflect on their own behavior and the behavior of other agents to enable co-construction. Together with our research partners at the universities of Bielefeld and Paderborn, we aim to generate new potential for human-machine interaction and learning and are striving for an AI paradigm that informs and is informed by our understanding of human intelligence.

Open Science in the CoAI Virtual Research and Training Building

The heart of the research at the CoAI JRC will be a joint Virtual Research and Training Building, the CoAI ViB - a shared, digital laboratory that, in adherence to the open science spirit, will be accessible beyond the CoAI Center: The virtual building will allow visitors to take a tour through different virtual laboratories, with each floor of the building being dedicated to one of the central themes of the Joint Research Centre, so that everyone can learn about the results of the Center’s research.

Empowering a new generation of AI navigators

The center's commitment will not only be to advance current research by pooling expertise in integrated intelligence, but also to empower a new generation of thinkers and doers in this field: Through a shared curriculum and citizen science projects, we want to deepen the critical technological thinking of young audiences. In this way, we aim to empower the next generation to navigate AI-related issues that will affect our societies in the coming decades.

As a whole, the Center reflects the importance of our shared mission, which aligns our research at all three sites: Creating AI-based agents that understand what they and we are doing, that can support us flexibly and safely, and that we can trust. We look forward to contributing our perspective of cognition-enabled robotics as part of the joint research. Through synergies with our partner universities, we hope to enable new breakthroughs in AI research.

To learn more about the CoAI Joint Research Center, visit the CoAI JRC Website

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