robohow.jpgRoboHow enables robots to competently perform everyday human-scale manipulation activities - both in human working and living environments.
RoboEarth builds a “World Wide Web for Robots” and covers different aspects like the generation and execution of task descriptions, sensing, learning, a central web knowledge base
SAPHARI investigates Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction
CogWatch develops a new Personal Healthcare System (PHS) for cognitive rehabilitation following stroke which will be be affordable, customisable and capable of delivering continuous cognitive rehabilitation at home, when it is needed.
BayCogRob -- Bayesian cognitive robotics
Autonomes Lernen für Bayes'sche kognitive Robotik (Schwerpunktprogramm Autonomes Lernen - DFG)
Methods for real-time accurate Model-based Measurement of HuMan Motion

Internal Research Projects

Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine
Knowledge processing for autonomous robots
Probabilistic Cognition for Technical Systems
Naive Physics reasoning by simulation
Duration: Simulation-based reasoning about physical effects