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 +====== Google Open Source Blog Feature ======
 +{{ :​blog:​gsoc_os_blog.png?​250|}}
 +After the [[http://​www.google-melange.com/​gsoc/​homepage/​google/​gsoc2015|Google Summer of Code 2015]] was concluded, Google started to feature selected members of the 137 open source organizations that took part in the GSoC 2015 program on [[http://​google-opensource.blogspot.de/​|their open source blog]]. ​
 +After having had a very positive experience during GSoC 2014, our institute [[http://​www.google-melange.com/​gsoc/​org2/​google/​gsoc2015/​iai_unihb_gsoc|offered four projects]] within the Summer of Code this year.
 +We are pleased to announce that, as the first organization,​ the Institute of Artificial Intelligence is featured on Google'​s blog to describe impressions from this year's project period. You can find the link to the full blog post [[http://​google-opensource.blogspot.de/​2015/​09/​google-summer-of-code-wrap-up-post.html|here]].