European Robotics Challenge IAI teams up for the next stages

Between the 16th and 17th of December 2015, IAI Bremen's challenger team has participated in a EuRoC match making workshop held in Gatwick, UK. We have met several end-users in 1:1 meetings to discuss the details of potential use cases. The end-users are spread all over europe and showed us interesting applications for autonomous systems. The experience was positive, and we gauge that there is a real interest and a place for new robotics research and development in industrial robotics. Further, we believe that we have significant contributions to make to that research.

We are not alone in that belief, and we have received several offers for collaboration. We decided on a use case that in our opinion presented a good mix of tractability and novelty, and are currently writing a proposal with the respective end-user, due on February the 9th, to proceed to the next stages of the EuRoC. Five of the (at most) fifteen project proposals will be accepted for the next rounds, where we will encounter more challenges with increasing complexity, if our proposal can convince the EuRoC jury.