European Robotics Challenge: IAI successfully passed Stage 1a

Our EuRoC challenger team has successfully passed the qualification phase for the Europe wide program, which featured many renowned robotics groups. Within the challenge, over seventeen teams attempted to qualify, of which fifteen met the set requirements. Having solved the challenge's tasks very well, our team earned the second place within the overall ranking.

To solve each task, it was required to implement a generalized high-level plan, which is robust against changes in the environment of the robot. In an objective evaluation, the EuRoC jury used unknown scenes to test our contribution. Changing object appearances also required a generalized and stable perception approach for object detection and pose estimation. Other topics have been motion planning for manipulation & mapping of the workspace.

The upcoming phase of the program will bring challengers, system integrators, and end users of the developed techniques together to form project groups. These groups will then work together to further develop, implement, and test mobile manipulation systems in real world settings.