How to upload tmp files

Instructions on how to upload files to the wiki, specially to the tmp page that is here.

Click on any of the following pictures for a full resolution image.

  • First log in to the Wiki: Click on “Log In”, on the bottom left corner

Step #1

  • Type your user and password

Step #2

  • Click on “Edit this page” (Upper right corner)

Step #3

  • Click on the text area where you want the link to appear, then on the “Add image and other files” icon, marked in red in the next image:

Step #4

  • Make sure that you are in the :tmp namespace by clicking on “tmp” on the left side. Then click on “Select files”, find the file you want to upload, and finally click on “Upload”

Step #5

  • After that, the window refreshes and the file uploaded appears as a link. Click on it.

Step #6

  • Now that pop-up window should close, and you get a link on your wiki page. Edit the name if you want (After the | symbol). Then click on “Save”

Step #7

  • The wiki refreshes out of edit mode, and you can right click on the new link. You can give that link to others and they can get the file.

Step #8

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