Till von Wenzlawowicz

PhD student

Room: TAB 2.91
Mail: tillvw(at)tzi[dot]de


I received my diploma in Computer Science from University of Bremen in 2009. In April 2010 I joined the Artificial Intelligence research group. I am holder of a scholarship granted by the Graduate School Advances in Digital Media, funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

I am a phd candidate and are currently working on the automatic generation of movie trailers based on the results of the projects Semantic Video Patterns and ADDiCT.


Conference Papers
[1]von Wenzlawowicz, Till and Herzog, Otthein, "Semantic Video Abstracting: Automatic Generation of Movie Trailers Based on Video Patterns", In SETN2012, Springer, vol. 7297, Lamia, pp. 345–352, 2012. Summarizing and abstracting of multimedia data is a field of great research interest, especially for multiple video platforms. In this paper we describe a system capable of generating Hollywood movie trailers automatically by using audio and video processing algorithms, combined with ontology-based knowledge and CLIPS, a rule based system. We show that the system is capable of generating convincing movie trailers for the action genre. Further work has been done to extend the results to other movie genres. [bibtex] [url] [doi]