Giang Nguyen

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Room: TAB 2.90
Mail: hoanggia(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de

Giang Nguyen is a doctoral student and manage the euROBIN project. As part of his thesis work, he is developing Multiverse - a simulation framework that combines multiple advanced physics engines with photo-realistic rendering capabilities. Additionally, this framework provides the capability to generate knowledge graphs dynamically during runtime.

Prior to becoming a part of our team in 2020, Giang Nguyen successfully completed his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Automation Technology at the Leibniz University of Hannover. With a broad range of interests, Giang's expertise extends to diverse fields such as robotics, simulation, artificial intelligence, automatic control, electrical engineering, and software engineering.



Journal Articles and Book Chapters
[1]Dennis Mronga, Andreas Bresser, Fabias Maas genannt Bermpohl, Adrian Danzglock, Simon Stelter, Alina Hawkin, Giang Nguyen, Michael Beetz and Frank Kirchner, "MARLIN: A cloud integrated robotic solution to support intralogistics in retail", In Robotics and Autonomous Systems, vol. 175, pp. 104654, 2024. [bibtex] [url] [doi]
Conference Papers
[2]Giang Nguyen, Daniel Beßler, Simon Stelter, Mihai Pomarlan and Michael Beetz, "Translating Universal Scene Descriptions into Knowledge Graphs for Robotic Environment", In 2024 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2024. Accepted for publication [bibtex]


Conference Papers
[3]Nils Leusmann, Glareh Mir, Giang Nguyen, Simon Stelter, Kaviya Dhanabalachandran, Cagatay Odabasi, Maik Malki, Alina Hawkin, Felix Bazlen and Michael Beetz, "Retail SemDT Collection Knowledge-base, A Platform Architecture", In 2023 IEEE Smart World Congress (SWC), pp. 1–6, 2023. [bibtex]

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