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Deep Action Obserever

Robotic agents have to learn how to perform manipulation tasks. One of the biggest challenges in this context is that manipulation actions are performed in a variety of ways depending on the objects that the robot acts on, the tools it is using, the task context, as well as the scene the action is to be executed in. This raises the issue of when to perform a manipulation action in which way. In this paper we propose to let the robot read text instructions and watch the corresponding videos illustrating how the steps are performed in order to generate symbolic action descriptions from the text instructions. The text instructions are disambiguated and completed with the information contained in the videos. The resulting action descriptions are close to action descriptions that can be executed by leading-edge cognition-enabled robot control plans. To perform this learning task we combine two of the most powerful learning and reasoning mechanisms: Deep Learning and Markov Logic Networks. Convolutional networks parameterized through deep learning recognize objects, hand poses, and estimate poses and motions while the Markov logic networks use joint probability over the relational structure of instructions to fill in missing information and disambiguate descriptions. Besides the combination of symbolic and sub-symbolic reasoning the novel contributions include a Multi Task Network developed in a single framework, optimized for computational cost, which can process 10 frames per second. We evaluate our framework on a large number of video clips and show its impressive ability to interpret the manipulation tasks.

[1] Feroz Ahmed Siddiky and Michael Beetz, “DeepActionObserver: Refining Instructions for Manipulation Actions by Watching Instruction Videos” https://www.dropbox.com/s/60fweieljn9pbky/deep-action-observer.pdf?dl=0

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