Dr. Mohammed Khesbak

Research Staff

Tel: –49 -421 218 64000
Fax: –49 -421 218 64047
Room: TAB 1.91
Mail: khesbak(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de

As of June 2020, I had the honor to join the Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) as a Research Staff (Robotic Engineer). I hold the following degrees in electronic and communications engineering: B.Sc. In 1997 (Irak), M.Sc. in 2001 (Irak), Ph.D. in 2007 (Irak- Dieser Promotionstitel wurde schon offiziell von Kultusminister Konferenz-Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (ZAB) in Bonn anerkannt und kann zum Zwecke einer Beschäftigung in Deutschland dienen und entspricht einer deutschen Promotion.), and second M.Sc. in 2020 (Germany). Currently my tasks include:

  • Supporting the development and installation of the lab infrastructure of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) EASE (Everyday Activity Science and Engineering) funded by the German research Foundation (DFG).
  • Developing software for integration of robotic systems using ROS systems, C/C++ and python.
  • Participating in the acquisition of research projects.
  • Contributing to the public visibility of the institute