Christoph Greulich


Christoph Greulich started working for the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in 2009 as a student research assistant. After receiving his diploma in Computer Science from the University Of Bremen in 2013 he got a scholarship granted by the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics ( His research is focused on application of multi-agent technology and agent-based simulation of logistics.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters
[1]Stefan Edelkamp, Max Gath, Christoph Greulich, Malte Humann and Tobias Warden, "PlaSMA Multiagent Simulation. Last-Mile Connectivity Bangalore", Chapter in German Indian Partnership for IT Systems, acatech Materialien, München/Berlin, pp. 129 – 185, 2014. [bibtex]
Conference Papers
[2]Christoph Greulich, Stefan Edelkamp, Max Gath, Tobias Warden, Malte Humann, Otthein Herzog and T. G. Sitharam, "Enhanced Shortest Path Computation for Multiagent-based Intermodal Transport Planning in Dynamic Environments", In 5th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART), SciTePress, vol. 2, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 324 – 329, 2013. [bibtex] [pdf]
[3]Christoph Greulich, Stefan Edelkamp and Max Gath, "Agent-Based Multimodal Transport Planning in Dynamic Environments", In KI 2013: Advances in Artificial Intelligence - 36th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Springer, vol. 8077, Koblenz, Germany, pp. 74–85, 2013. [bibtex]
[4]Stefan Edelkamp and Christoph Greulich, "Solving Physical Traveling Salesman Problems with Policy Adaptation", In IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG), Dortmund, Germany, 2014. Accepted for publication [bibtex]

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