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   * Unreal Robots ([[https://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​teaching/​unrealrobots|WS2016/​SS2017 - B[82]]]) (Bachelor project)   * Unreal Robots ([[https://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​teaching/​unrealrobots|WS2016/​SS2017 - B[82]]]) (Bachelor project)
   * Unreal Robots ([[http://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​teaching/​pr-unreal-ws17|WS2017/​SS2018- M[51]]]) (Master project)   * Unreal Robots ([[http://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​teaching/​pr-unreal-ws17|WS2017/​SS2018- M[51]]]) (Master project)
 +  * Game Engines in AI ([[https://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​teaching/​pr-unreal-ws19|WS2019 - L]]) (Lecture Course)
 ====Supervised Theses==== ====Supervised Theses====