Welcome to the Institute for Artificial Intelligence!

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) is directed by Prof. Michael Beetz.

As a research institute, we conduct basic scientific research in the field of cognition-enabled robotics for everyday activities.

As part of the Faculty of Computer Science, we run strongly project-based teaching. Our hands-on projects in teaching include SuTuRoProjekt: SUTURO - sudo tidy-up-my-room, IntEL4CoRo and the annual EASE Fall School.

The IAI is member of the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) at the University of Bremen as well as the high-profile area Mind, Media and Machines (MMM).


Funded projetcs
EASE (SFB 1320) is a collaborative research center for everyday activities.
IntEL4CoRo provides an interactive learning environment.
euROBIN is a European Network of Excellence that the IAI is part of.
REMARO develops a reliable and safe AI system for underwater robotics.
Tracebot enables robotic systems to understand what they do.
Internal projects
CRAM is a software toolbox for the implementation of autonomous robots.
KnowRob is a knowledge processing system for robots.
OpenEASE is a web-based knowledge service providing robot and human activity data.
GISKARD is a framework for constraint- and optimization-based robot motion and planning control.
RoboKudo is a perception framework targeted for robot manipulation tasks.

A full overview of our ongoing and completed projects can be found here.


Second Virtual TransAIR Event

We are delighted to announce the upcoming TransAIR virtual workshop on “Cognitive Architectures for Robot Agents” which will be held from 22nd to 28th March 2021.

This TransAIR workshop will bring together leading experts to address the challenges of developing cognitive architectures for robot agents. The primary goal of the workshop is to open a discussion on possible interdisciplinary collaborations and the identification of prospects for collaborative development, ideally in an open-source open-systems framework.

Stay tuned for updates or find further information about the workshop on our website or contact us via email: contact@transair-bridge.org

2021/01/18 10:09

REMARO seeks candidates for 15 PhD positions

Work together on more reliable AI for marine robotics (vision, navigation, perception, planning, failure recovery, testing, verification, model-checking, model-driven engineering …). There are 15 different research projects available with different prerequisites and focus, located in Copenhagen, Oslo, Porto, Delft, Aachen, and in our Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

We are offering a position in the following field:

  • Digital Twin Knowledge Base for submarine robot inspection/manipulation

You can find a in-depth description for the position at our Institute on the Jobs overview page and the REMARO website.

2020/10/22 08:23

First virtual TransAIR conference

The first virtual TransAIR conference called “Democratize AI with open research” kicks off today.

From Wednesday, September 30th until October 14th participants can listen to pre-recorded material by international speakers on advances, challenges and potentials of open science in Artificial Intelligence as well as robotics, task planning, robot motor control, knowledge representation, reasoning, machine learning and computer vision.

Moreover, the schedule includes interviews, Q&A's, a panel discussion and tutorials on open projects alongside many networking opportunities with other participants.

Learn more here https://transair-bridge.org/conference-2/
Registration is possible until Sunday, October 4th.

2020/09/30 09:22


A detailed description of most courses can be found in the Online Module Handbook of the FB3: http://apophis.informatik.uni-bremen.de:3001/.

If you are looking for lectures from past semesters, take a look at our Lecture archive.

Beside lectures and projects, we also offer theses and jobs for student research assistants. If you are interested, you can find more information here.