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 Contact: [[team:​gayane_kazhoyan|Gayane Kazhoyan]] Contact: [[team:​gayane_kazhoyan|Gayane Kazhoyan]]
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-== Student job for data visualization == 
-In the scope of the CRC Farbige Zustände we use machine-learning techniques and novel high-troughput methods to find new materials. To present the project to the scientific community as well as to the non-scientific audience, we want to visualize its ideas and concepts in terms of interactive web applications. Your task would be to design and develop visualization tools that allow the interaction with the data of the project. You will work with Javascript/​AngularJS/​NodeJS and MongoDB, so it would be helpful if you already have experience in those fields. Creativity in developing new visualizations is demanded just as much as good programming skills. 
-Perspective of future BA/MA topics in this project! 
-If you're interested, contact [[team:​mareike_picklum|Mareike Picklum]] 
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