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 +====== RoboSherlock awarded as best paper at ICRA 2015 ======
 +{{ :​blog:​2015-icra-robosherlock-paper-award.png?​300|}}
 +Its originality,​ technical merits, clarity of presentation,​ potential impact in the field of service robotics lead RoboSherlock to win the "Best Service Robotics Paper" at [[http://​icra2015.org/​conference/​awards#​!A99Q1480|ICRA 2015]].
 +[[http://​pr2-looking-at-things.com/​|RoboSherlock]] is a cognitive perception system built on top of the principles of unstructured information management. Among other extremely valuable papers presented at this  conference, RoboSherlock proved to be a very strong contribution to the advancement of service robotics in research and industry R&D.