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 +====== Girl's Day 2018  ======
 +{{ :​blog:​mona-girlsday.jpg?​direct&​600 |Girl'​s Day Picutre}}
 +Yesterday we had very special guests for the Girls’ Day 2018 at our
 +Institute for Artificial Intelligence. It is the day of the year where young
 +girls explore different professional fields and get inspired by other
 +women, who shape their fields of work in a very passionate way.  ​
 +It was our main goal to demonstrate to these girls that they will be part of
 +a very exciting future, where their contribution will certainly matter.
 +Seventeen girls of different ages, ranging from 10 to 14 years old,
 +and different schools had the opportunity to immerse themselves
 +into the world of robotics and artificial intelligence. A diverse
 +program was organized to provide them an overall overview of
 +our promising research activities and projects. The girls were
 +engaged in very interesting discussions about the various fields
 +of informatics and robotics. They were highly fascinated by our
 +little robot “Pepper”,​ which succeeded in showing them how fun
 +and entertaining robotics can be. In our virtual reality environment,​
 +they learned how teaching robots new actions can be solved in a
 +very playful way. Overall the girls were very impressed and
 +developed a greater interest to the fields of informatics and robotics. ​