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 +====== Finalist at ICAR'​17 ======
 +{{ :​blog:​icar2017header.png?​500 |}}
 +We are pleased to announce that our joint paper with the [[http://​www.dlr.de/​rmc/​|Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics,​DLR]]: ​
 + * **Storing and Retrieving Perceptual Episodic Memories for Long-term Manipulation Tasks**, [[team:​ferenc_balint-benczedi|Ferenc Balint-Benczedi]],​ [[http://​rmc.dlr.de/​rm/​en/​staff/​zoltan.marton/​|Zoltan-Csaba Marton]], [[http://​rmc.dlr.de/​rm/​en/​staff/​maximilian.durner/​|Maximilian Durner]] and [[team:​michael_beetz|Michael Beetz]]
 +has been selected as an ICAR 2017 best paper award finalist.
 +The paper presents a robotic perception system that generates perceptual episodic memories during the execution of a task. To allow easy retrieval of these memories we introduce an object and scene description language that serves as a layer of abstraction between the structure of the perception logs and the semantic interpretation of these. The description language can be used through a query interface to retrieve specific parts of the generated episodic memory. The purpose of the proposed system is two-fold: to enable on-line retrospection and specialized training of perception routines and to enable
 +researchers to interactively explore perception results.