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 +====== European Robotics Challenge: IAI accepted as challenger ​ ======
 +{{ :​blog:​euroclogo_02.png?​nolink&​200|}}
 +We're happy and excited to announce that a team consisting of PhD
 +students from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and
 +undergraduate students from the successful [[http://​www.suturo.de|Suturo project]] have been accepted to compete in the [[http://​www.euroc-project.eu/​|European Robotics Challenge (EUROC)]]. The team
 +will be headed by [[team:​michael_beetz|Prof. Michael Beetz]].
 +Our team has successfully applied to participate in the first stage of
 +[[http://​www.euroc-project.eu/​index.php?​id=challenge2|challenge 2 of EUROC]], focussing on logistics and manipulation in dynamic
 +shop floor environments. During this summer, challengers will develop
 +their solutions in simulation. Challenge entries will be evaluated in