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-====== EU Project RoboHow in the News ====== +====== ​IAI-coordinated ​EU Project RoboHow in the News ====== 
-Initial text+ 
 +[[http://​www.radiobremen.de/​fernsehen/​buten_un_binnen/​video45152-popup.html|{{ :​blog:​screenshot-buten-un-binnen.png?​nolink&​300|}}]] 
 +Following up on the second integration workshop of the EU FP7 project [[http://​robohow.eu|RoboHow]],​ we held a press conference about the project on February 27th. The robot presented its skills in flipping pancakes using a constraint-based controller developed in the RoboHow project and prepared popcorn for the journalists. 
 +In addition to articles in several German newspapers, RoboHow also appeared in the nation-wide German [[http://​www.zdf.de/​ZDFmediathek/​beitrag/​video/​1851230/​ZDF-heute-Sendung-vom-27-Februar-2013|evening news at ZDF]] and in a [[http://​www.radiobremen.de/​fernsehen/​buten_un_binnen/​video45152-popup.html|longer report]] in the "buten un binnen"​ show at Radio Bremen. For more information on the project please visit the descriptions [[research/​robohow.cog|on our website]] or [[http://​robohow.eu|the pages of RoboHow]].