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 +====== ​ IROS 2012 ======
 +Autumn is IROS-time -- the IAS team is looking forward to [[http://​www.iros2012.org/​|IROS 2012]] in Vilamoura, Portual. Below is an overview of our presentations,​ we are looking forward to meeting you at the conference!
 +  * Everything Robots Always Wanted to Know about Housework (But Were Afraid to Ask). Daniel Nyga and Michael Beetz. (MonAT7.3, Monday 11:​30-11:​45)
 +  * [[https://​ias.in.tum.de/​_media/​spezial/​bib/​tenorth12actionreasoning.pdf|A Unified Representation for Reasoning about Robot Actions, Processes, and Their Effects on Objects]]. Moritz Tenorth and Michael Beetz. (MonDT11.3, Monday 16:​45-17:​00)
 +  * [[https://​ias.in.tum.de/​_media/​spezial/​bib/​maldonado12improving.pdf|Improving Robot Manipulation through Fingertip Perception]]. Alexis Maldonado, Humberto Alvarez Heredia, and Michael Beetz. (TueDT10.1, Tuesday 16:​15-16:​30)
 +  * [[https://​ias.in.tum.de/​_media/​spezial/​bib/​iros12semantic_mapping.pdf|Semantic Object Maps for Robotic Housework - Representation,​ Acquisition and Use]]. Dejan Pangercic, Moritz Tenorth, Benjamin Pitzer, and Michael Beetz (WedET5.1, Wednesday, 15:​00-15:​15)