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Wearable Intelligence

‘Computing anytime, anything and anywhere’ – the ‘Mobile Solutions’ concerted activity is realising Thad Starner’s vision. Application fields range from logistics, production and maintenance to health care and emergency medicine through to assistance systems in living and working environments. TZI researchers are thus laying the information technology foundations for a new wave of computerisation – IT is moving into living and work areas where it has not previously been possible to provide support to people on the move. Thus in future a service technician will be able to access all the data he needs on site, either near to or on a plane. The only mobile technology he will need to do this will be located in his jacket: a mini-computer, a keyboard and a head-mounted display. The technician can control his ‘PC’ by moving a dataglove – since, obviously, he doesn’t have a hand free to use a mouse. This example demonstrates that wearable computing applications are already as much a part of everyday life as car satellite navigation systems. For over ten years researchers have been working together with partners from industry, medium-sized companies and society on diverse transfer projects to develop user-oriented solutions in the fields of wearable computing, ambient assisted living (AAL) and intelligent clothing (known as ‘smart textiles’).