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 +=====Zhou (Yuen) Fang======
 +| {{:​wiki:​yfang.jpg?​0x180}} ||||
 +|::: ||Research Staff\\ \\ ||
 +|:::|Room: |1.60|
 +|:::|Tel: |--49 -421 218 64010|
 +|:::|Fax: |--49 -421 218 64047|
 +|:::|Mail: |<​cryptmail>​yfang@cs.uni-bremen.de</​cryptmail>​|
 +|:::| ||
 +===== About =====
 +I joined the [[http://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​|Institute for Artificial Intelligence]] at the University of Bremen in 2014 to pursue a PhD under supervision of Prof. [[https://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​team/​michael_beetz|Michael Beetz]]. My research focus lies in the acquisition/​representation of knowledge about manipulation actions and their effects through imitation learning and simulation. ​
 +Before joining the group headed by Prof. Beetz, I studied Artificial Intelligence (BSc) and Cognitive Neuroscience (MSc) at [[http://​www.ru.nl|Radboud University]]. I also worked as a research assistant at the [[http://​walkerlab.berkeley.edu/​|Sleep and Neuroimaging lab]] and [[http://​bishoplab.berkeley.edu/​|Affective Cognitive Neuroscience lab]] at [[http://​berkeley.edu/​index.html|UC Berkeley]]. My interests lie in machine learning and the intersection of AI and CNS, particularly regarding how information can learned and represented.
 +===== Publications =====