Michaela Kümpel

Research Staff

Tel: –49 -421 218 64021
Fax: –49 -421 218 64047
Room: TAB 1.79
Mail: kording(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de

I joined the team of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in 2017 to pursue my PhD under supervision of Prof. Michael Beetz. I received my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany, and my Master of Science in Management Information Systems at the University of South Florida, US.

My main research interests are
- Web Information Extraction, Knowledge acquisition and processing
- Knowledge Representation using Knowledge Graphs, the Semantic Web, Linked Open Data and connecting it to the KnowRob knowledge processing framework
- AR applications. I am developing HoloLens and Smartphone applications in different environments to showcase the use of web-based knowledge sources
- Machine Learning and Data Mining


  • NonFoodKG - my non-food knowledge graph with API to different ontologies for consumer and robot applications in retail environments
  • Knowledge 4 Retail BMWi project: My focus in this project is the creation of Knowledge Graphs and their interfaces for retail applications
  • EASE DFG CRC: My focus in this project is the connection of robots to Semantic Web sources for household applications


  • Co-supervisor for Bachelor project Shopping 4.0 (WS2020/21)

Supervised Theses

  • Master Thesis of Anna de Groot (collaboration with VU Amsterdam):“Knowledge Graph Enabled Virtual Reality in the Kitchen Domain” (2020)
  • Bachelor Thesis of Maik Daniel Klause:“Evaluation of Linked Data in Cognitive Robot Control for kitchen scenarios” (2021)


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