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 |:::|Fax: |+49 421 218 64047| |:::|Fax: |+49 421 218 64047|
 |:::|Mail: |<​cryptmail>​christian.mueller@cs.uni-bremen.de</​cryptmail>​| |:::|Mail: |<​cryptmail>​christian.mueller@cs.uni-bremen.de</​cryptmail>​|
 +|:::|Info: | [[https://​www.researchgate.net/​profile/​Christian_Mueller18|ResearchGate]],​ [[https://​loop.frontiersin.org/​people/​748344/​overview|Frontiers - Loop]], [[https://​christianatanasmueller.wordpress.com/​publications/​|Wordpress]]|
 |:::| || |:::| ||
 +As of February 2020, I joined the Institute of Institute for Artificial Intelligence as PostDoc. ​
 +I completed my B.Sc. in Computer Science (2007) and M.Sc. in Autonomous Systems (2012) degree from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. ​
 +From 2012 until January 2020, I was part of the Robotics Group at the Jacobs University Bremen where I obtained my doctorate in 2019. During my doctoral studies I contributed to several BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and EU-funded projects (e.g. [[https://​cordis.europa.eu/​project/​id/​270350|RobLog]],​ [[https://​cordis.europa.eu/​project/​id/​635491|DexROV]]). ​
 +My general research interests are in artificial intelligence,​ in particular machine learning, data mining and computer vision related to robotics and autonomous systems.
 +At present, I have an organizing role for the institute in the [[https://​knowledge4retail.org/​en/​home-2/​|Knowledge4Retail]] project.
 +Profiles & Publications:​ [[https://​www.researchgate.net/​profile/​Christian_Mueller18|ResearchGate]]|[[https://​loop.frontiersin.org/​people/​748344/​overview|Frontiers - Loop]]|[[https://​christianatanasmueller.wordpress.com/​publications/​|Wordpress]]