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 ==== About ==== ==== About ====
-I studied computer science ​at University of Bremen ​and obtained my Diplom degree (equiv. M.Eng.) +Daniel Beßler is a Ph.D. student ​at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bremen, Germany, where he has also received his Diplom degree (equiv. M.Eng.) in 2014. His main research interest ​is knowledge representation and reasoning in the context ​of autonomous robots, and as part of integrated robot control systems. Since 2015, he is the lead developer of the KnowRob ​knowledge processing ​system which is the most widely used KR&R system ​for service ​robots. Since 2018he is a voting member of the "​Autonomous Robots"​ sub-group of the IEEE WG ORA that works on the standardization of ontologies for robotics ​and automation. Since 2018, he is also a member of the Medical Informatics Research Unit (MIRU) which is a corporation project between UNIHB and Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
-in 2014 from University of Bremen, GermanyMy research interest ​consists ​of knowledge processing ​and +
-representation ​for robots, ​knowledge-enabled perception ​and knowledge-enabled robot control programs.+
 ====Projects involved in===== ====Projects involved in=====
   * [[http://​www.open-ease.org/​|openEASE]]   * [[http://​www.open-ease.org/​|openEASE]]