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-=====Jose Rojas=====+=====José Rojas===== 
 | {{ :​wiki:​rojas.jpg?​0x180 |}} |||| | {{ :​wiki:​rojas.jpg?​0x180 |}} ||||
 |::: ||Research Staff \\ \\ || |::: ||Research Staff \\ \\ ||
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 |:::|Mail: |<​cryptmail>​jmrojasc@uni-bremen.de</​cryptmail>​| |:::|Mail: |<​cryptmail>​jmrojasc@uni-bremen.de</​cryptmail>​|
 |:::| || |:::| ||
 +====== About =====
 +José Rojas joined the [[http://​ai.uni-bremen.de/​|Institute for Artificial Intelligence]] at the University of Bremen in April 2018. 
 +Before joining Michael Beetz'​s group, he had been working at [[https://​www.intel.com/​content/​www/​us/​en/​corporate-responsibility/​intel-in-costa-rica.html|Intel Costa Rica]] for almost 3 years, first as a Design Automation Engineer of EDA tools and then as Software Engineer on Simics Model Development for simulating Intel Architectures. ​
 +In 2015 José Rojas acquired his Master Degree on Computer Engineering at the [[https://​www.upv.es/​|Polytechnic University of Valencia]], Spain, where he also also did a seven months professional internship as Digital Design Automation Engineer at the former Marvell ​
 +Technology Group in Valencia, now [[http://​www.maxlinear.com/​|MaxLinear]] Hispania S.L.   
 +Before moving to Spain, José was working as a Graphics Hardware Engineer, again at [[https://​www.intel.com/​content/​www/​us/​en/​corporate-responsibility/​intel-in-costa-rica.html|Intel Costa Rica]], where he worked for two years (2011-2013) on Structural Design for Intel'​s GPUs.
 +  ​
 +Before getting his Bachelor degree on Electrical Engineering at the [[https://​www.ucr.ac.cr/​|University of Costa Rica]] in 2012. José did one semester (WS2010) at the [[http://​portal3.ipb.pt/​index.php/​en/​ipben/​home|Polytechnic Institute of Braganaça]],​ Portugal, as part of the ERASMUS Mundus Program. Then he did his 4 months professional practice (in 2011), on low level software engineering,​ at [[https://​www.hpe.com/​lamerica/​en/​home.html|Hewlett Packard]] Costa Rica.
 +====== Teaching =====
 +  * Game Engines in AI ([[:​teaching:​pr-unreal-ws18|WS2018]]) (Lecture Course)
 +====== Publications ======
 +<​bibtex> ​
 +</​bibtex> ​