Publications of Intelligent Systems in Production & Logistics

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters
[1] Michael Lawo, Tobias Warden, Dieter Uckelmann, Dirk Werthmann, "Verknüpfung virtueller und realer Logistikkomponenten: Ein Ansatz zur Verknüpfung von Forschungsumgebungen in der Logistik", In Industrie Management, vol. 28, 2012. [bib]
Conference Papers
[2] Tobias Warden, Janusz Wojtusiak, Otthein Herzog, "Intelligent Modelling and Control for Autonomous Logistics", In Advances in Intelligent Modelling and Simulation: Artificial Intelligence-based Models and Techniques in Scalable Computing, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2012. [bib]
[3] M. Gath, T. Wagner, O. Herzog, "Autonomous Logistic Processes of Bike Courier Services using Multiagent-Based Simulation", In The 11th International Conference on Modeling and Applied Simulation, pp. 134 - 142, 2012. [bib]
Workshop Papers
[4] Tobias Warden, Thomas Wagner, Hagen Langer, Otthein Herzog, "Towards Multiagent Interactive Adaption of Individual Models for Decision Support", In 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability (IWSI 2012), 2012. [bib]
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