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 Contact: [[team:​gayane_kazhoyan|Gayane Kazhoyan]] Contact: [[team:​gayane_kazhoyan|Gayane Kazhoyan]]
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-== Web development / Visualization / Misc (Student Job / HiWi)== 
-Designing a visualization toolbox to illustrate the idea behind the CRC '​Colored States',​ an interdisciplinary project combining materials science and machine learning. 
-Different tools are to be developed to visualize data, select subsets of data for detailed view, represent relations between data points, ... 
-  * Good programming skills 
-  * Familiar with basic web development 
-  * Creativity 
-Contact: [[team:​mareike_picklum|Mareike Picklum]] 
 == 3D Model / Material / Lightning Developer (Student Job / HiWi)== == 3D Model / Material / Lightning Developer (Student Job / HiWi)==