Welcome to the Institute for Artificial Intelligence!

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) directed by Prof. Michael Beetz is part of the Faculty of Computer Science and member of the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) at the University of Bremen.

Google Open Source Blog Feature

After the Google Summer of Code 2015 was concluded, Google started to feature selected members of the 137 open source organizations that took part in the GSoC 2015 program on their open source blog. After having had a very positive experience during GSoC 2014, our institute offered four projects within the Summer of Code this year.

We are pleased to announce that, as the first organization, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence is featured on Google's blog to describe impressions from this year's project period. You can find the link to the full blog post here.

Worldwide RoboHow Media Attention

We are pleased to announce that the RoboHow EU project coordinated by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence has received major attention in media-outlets all over the world, including the MIT Technology Review and the International Business Times. While the review demonstrations from year 2 (pancake baking) and year 3 (pizza making) are the main focus, all aspects of RoboHow's autonomous robot activity is described in detail in over 50 different articles worldwide.

Click here to view an interactive map, showing where in the world news media is reporting on RoboHow's research success.

IAI's Raphael makes popcorn for Bild Zeitung

When journalist from Bild magazine visited our lab at Institute for Artificial Intelligence they were amazed about Raphael's cognitive abilities. They are relating their experience into an article describing how Raphael is cooking popcorn. Popcorn Demo is one of the first activities which our PR2 robot, Raphael, is able to perform fully autonomously. While preforming it Raphael is running a task execution framework which is coordinating the navigation, perception and manipulation routines.

Bild magazine is one of the most popular magazine in Germany. It was a pleasure for us to welcome them in our lab.

Weser Report describes IAI's Raphael "the robot for daily usage"

After their visit in our laboratory the reporters from Weser Report described Raphael as “the robot for daily usage” in their article. They had the chance to see how Raphael learns from games. They they saw him autonomously fetching different cooking containers and operating the kitchen stove in order to prepare the popcorn. Furthermore the reporters saw Raphael opening and closing the test tubes which contain the substance which must be pipetted. They were surprised to see Raphael's dexterity to use the pipette and operating the centrifuge in order to separate a the substances in a solution. The reporters were also impressed by the European project RoboHow which is lead by Uni Bremen trough Prof. Michael Beetz, PhD.

Weser Report is one of the most popular magazine in Bremen and North West Germany.

RoboSherlock awarded as best paper at ICRA 2015

Its originality, technical merits, clarity of presentation, potential impact in the field of service robotics lead RoboSherlock to win the “Best Service Robotics Paper” at ICRA 2015.

RoboSherlock is a cognitive perception system built on top of the principles of unstructured information management. Among other extremely valuable papers presented at this conference, RoboSherlock proved to be a very strong contribution to the advancement of service robotics in research and industry R&D.