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 =====Open researcher positions===== =====Open researcher positions=====
-== Doctoral Candidate / Early Stage Researcher position ==  
-As a research associate at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence,​ you will develop systems for automated knowledge representation and knowledge acquisition,​ which combine the human ability of understanding language, perceiving objects and learning from experience. In particular, intelligent robots are to be endowed with the capability of autonomously acquire knowledge in order to robustly act in human environments and competently and successfully achieve everyday human-scale tasks.  ​ 
-In particular, your challenges comprise the following: 
-  * the development and implementation of probabilistic models and algorithms for learning and reasoning in complex scenarios of intelligent service robots, ​ 
-  * the creation and maintenance of software documentation as well as the presentation of research results at top-tier international conferences, ​ 
-  * self-organized and ambitious work both individually and in a team of researchers, ​ 
-  * the authoring of research grant proposals.  ​ 
-Prerequisites: ​ 
-  * Successfully completed Master'​s degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science with a major in Artificial Intelligence/​Machine Learning, ​ 
-  * very good skills in Machine Learning and Data Mining; esp. experience with probabilistic graphical models (Bayesian networks/​Markov random fields/​Markov logic networks) and related formalisms, ​ 
-  * very good programming skills in the Python/​Cython/​C/​C++ programming languages and respective libraries for scientific computing (numpy/​scipy/​sympy), ​ 
-  * experience in natural-language understanding and semantic modeling helpful. 
-Besides the willingness and ability to quickly dive into new and complex research scenarios and topics, we expect organizational skills, the ability to work in a team and high commitment and dedication to you research. Very good skills of the English language is required. 
-Research associate 
-with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence 
-at the University of Bremen, Germany, 
-Salary is according to the German Federal pay scale, TV-L 13, full-time. The position is available as soon as possible. 
-Please send your application (cover letter, CV, certificates,​ project references, etc) under reference number **A192/18** to: [[mailto:​ai-office@cs.uni-bremen.de|ai-office@cs.uni-bremen.de]] 
 =====Theses and Student Jobs===== =====Theses and Student Jobs=====
 If you are looking for a bachelor/​master thesis or a job as a student research assistant, you may find some interesting opportunities on this page. If you are looking for a bachelor/​master thesis or a job as a student research assistant, you may find some interesting opportunities on this page.
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 Contact: [[team:​gayane_kazhoyan|Gayane Kazhoyan]] Contact: [[team:​gayane_kazhoyan|Gayane Kazhoyan]]
 --></​html>​ --></​html>​
 +== Mesh Editing / Mesh Segmentation/​Cutting (Student Job / HiWi)==
 + {{ :​research:​human_hand_cutting.png?​150|}}
-== Student job for data visualization ==+ ​Editing and cutting a human mesh into different parts in Blender / Maya (or other).
-In the scope of the CRC Farbige Zustände we use machine-learning techniques and novel high-troughput methods to find new materials. To present the project to the scientific community as well as to the non-scientific audience, we want to visualize its ideas and concepts ​in terms of interactive web applications. Your task would be to design and develop visualization tools that allow the interaction ​with the data of the project. You will work with Javascript/AngularJS/​NodeJS and MongoDB, so it would be helpful if you already have experience in those fields. Creativity in developing new visualizations is demanded just as much as good programming skills.+Requirements:​ 
 +  * Good knowledge ​in 3D Modeling 
 +  * Familiar ​with Blender ​Maya (or other)
-Perspective of future BA/MA topics in this project!+Contact: [[team/mona_abdel-keream|Mona Abdel-Keream]]
-If you're interested, contact [[team:​mareike_picklum|Mareike Picklum]] 
 == 3D Model / Material / Lightning Developer (Student Job / HiWi)== == 3D Model / Material / Lightning Developer (Student Job / HiWi)==
  {{ :​research:​kitchen_unreal.jpg?​200|}} ​  {{ :​research:​kitchen_unreal.jpg?​200|}} ​
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 Contact: [[team:​andrei_haidu|Andrei Haidu]] Contact: [[team:​andrei_haidu|Andrei Haidu]]
 == Integrating PR2 in the Unreal Game Engine Framework (BA/​MA/​HiWi)== == Integrating PR2 in the Unreal Game Engine Framework (BA/​MA/​HiWi)==
  {{ :​research:​unreal_ros_pr2.png?​100|}} ​  {{ :​research:​unreal_ros_pr2.png?​100|}} ​