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Robotics Reading Group

Organizational details

  • When: Every Wednesday, 12:00 - 14:00
  • Where: TAB building (ECO5), 1st floor, room 1.58 (Museum)


The robotics reading group is intended to give us all a chance to keep up-to-date with current interesting publications in the community. You can choose to present an interesting external paper which you always wanted to read or which you think others in the group should also be aware of. Alternatively, you can also use the reading group to present your own paper to practise a talk prior to a conference presentation.

Upcoming Schedule

data presenter topic links
28/10/15 Georg “DeepMPC: Learning Deep Latent Features for Model Predictive Control”
04/11/15 Mihai “Using Abstraction for Generalized Planning”
02/12/15 Mihai ? ?
09/12/15 Gaya “Tell me Dave: context-sensitive grounding of natural language to manipulation instructions”
?/?/15 Georg “Learning grounded finite-state representations from unstructured demonstrations”

Paper Pool

Place for interesting papers which you want to suggest for future presentation:

paper link
AfRob: The Affordance Network Ontology for Robots
Results of the EU GeRT project (planning manipulation tasks)
Autonomous learning of grounded symbols
Constraint satisfaction, SAT solver etc?
Acting under Uncertainty: Discrete Bayesian Models for Mobile-Robot Navigation
Automatic Grasp Planning in the Presence of Uncertainty
Motion planning under uncertainty for robotic tasks with long time horizons
Task Networks for Controlling Continuous Processes
Operational Space Control: A Theoretical and Empirical Comparison
Reinforcement learning in robotics: A survey
(PO)MDP algorithms Starting point:
Distributed assembly with online workload balancing and visual error detection and correction

Past Presentations

data presenter topic links
21/10/15 Gheorghe The Automation of Science link
15/07/15 Sebastian Automatic knowledge extraction from documents link
24/06/15 Fereshta Architectural Mechanisms for Handling Human Instructions for Open-World Mixed-Initiative Team Tasks and Goals not published yet
10/06/15 Feroz Introductory talk of our colleague: His previous work
13/05/15 Mihai Why the Data Train Needs Semantic Rails
06/05/15 RoboHow review
22/04/15 Benjamin Prospection in Cognition: The Case for Joint Episodic-Procedural Memory to be published
08/04/15 Mihai “Autonomous Transport Vehicles: Where We Are and What Is Missing” ??
01/04/15 Fereshta “A Logical Programming Infrastructure for the Semantic Web”
25/03/15 Gaya Simulation as an engine of physical scene understanding
18/03/15 Georg Paper review: A case study no link
18/02/15 Mihai Autonomous learning of high-level states and actions in continuous environments
11/02/15 Thiemo “Robot Learning Manipulation Action Plans by “Watching” Unconstrained Videos from the World Wide Web”
05/02/15 Jan-Hendrik Experiences and results from exchange to FORTH ?
28/01/15 Daniel Beßler KnowRob: A knowledge processing infrastructure for cognition-enabled robots
14/01/15 Alexis Grasp Planning for Constricted Parts of Objects Approximated with Quadric Surfaces
07/01/15 Georg dynamic urdf management
17/12/14 Gaya Integrated task and motion planning in belief space
10/12/14 Mihai ? ?
03/12/14 Ferenc Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments for Generating Image Descriptions
19/11/14 Mihai Extracting Kinematic Background Knowledge from Interactions Using Task-Sensitive Relational Learning
12/11/14 Yuen Automatic Segmentation and Recognition of Human Activities from Observation based on Semantic Reasoning
05/11/14 Gheorghe TCA Task Control Architecture website
29/10/14 Andrei Background and brain-storming on eye tracking devices no paper
22/10/14 Georg Executing assembly tasks specified by manipulation primitive nets
15/10/14 Gheorghe The semantic smart laboratory: a system for supporting the chemical eScientist
08/10/14 Georg Modular state-based behavior control for safe human-robot interaction: A lightweight control architecture for a lightweight robot
10/09/14 Gheorghe Structured Reactive Controllers
01/09/14 Moritz Knowledge-based Instruction of Manipulation Tasks for Industrial Robotics ask Georg or Moritz for the pdf
30/07/2014 Georg Robot Programming by Demonstration with Interactive Action Visualizations
23/07/14 Moritz Tell Me Dave: Context-Sensitive Grounding of Natural Language to Manipulation Instructions
09/07/14 Stefan BDDs strike back in IPC 2014
02/07/14 Thomas Münder Four-dimensional guidance and control of movement using time-to-contact: Application to automated docking and landing of unmanned rotorcraft systems
18/06/14 Andy Traumüller Results of the DARPA ARM projects (grasping and tool use)
28/05/14 Jan Task Networks for Controlling Continous Processes
21/05/14 Gaya Robot executives
(follow up on Hartmut's classical planning:
what about reactive planning)
Subsumption Architecture
Reactive Action Packages (RAP)
Procedural Reasoning System (PRS)
3T Architecture (main overview paper)
14/05/14 Hartmut Follow up on Georg's Constraint removal:
Who Said we Need to Relax All Variables?
Who Said we Need to Relax All Variables?
More basis stuff on constraint removal and planning
30/04/14 Gheorghe ACT-R ACT-R @ CMU
A Cognition Briefing
Cognitive Architectures on Robots
23/04/14 Georg Singularity-robust task-priority redundancy resolution for real-time kinematic control of robot manipulators
12/03/14 Yuen Control strategies in object manipulation tasks
05/03/14 Georg Rapid application development of constrained-based task modelling and execution using Domain Specific Languages
26/02/14 Jan Extending Cognitive Architecture with Episodic Memory
19/02/14 Moritz robotics assembly applications huckaby13planning, huckaby13baufix, knepper13ikeabot
18/12/13 Georg The minimum constraint removal problem with three robotics applications
03/12/13 Stefan PTSP “Monte Carlo Tree Search with macro-actions and heuristic route planning for the Multiobjective Physical Travelling Salesman Problem”
27/11/13 Ferenc Group Induction
20/11/13 Moritz The RACE project
13/11/13 Georg An integrated system for real-time Model Predictive Control of humanoid robots
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