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 +======Wearable Computing (03-MB-799.01)======
 +|Dauer %%|%% Duration|4 SWS|
 +|Credit Points|6 ECTS|
 +|Art %%|%% Structure|Lecture with lab exercises|
 +|Dozent %%|%% Lecturer|Prof. Dr. Michael Lawo|
 +|Betreuer %%|%% Instructors|Hendrik Iben and Ali Mehmood Khan|
 +|Sprache %%|%% Language|English|
 +|Termine %%|%% Dates| Monday: 14:00 to 16:00 |
 +|Übung %%|%% Tutorial| Monday: 16:00 to 18:00 |
 +|Vorlesungsbeginn %%|%% Start| 15.10.2012 |
 +The goal of this course is to give an overview on wearable computing. Several examples will be presented.
 +We will be focusing mainly on the use of wearable technology in industrial workplace settings and address possible solutions to common problems.
 +How to...
 +  * give input to wearable devices
 +  * receive output from wearable devices
 +  * use contextual information in a wearable system
 +At the end of the semester, there will be an oral exam and also a final presentation from the lab excercises will be required by each student.