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 =====Open researcher positions===== =====Open researcher positions=====
-== PhD Student Position in Machine Learning for Robotic Systems== 
-The position is part of the research project „PIPE – Probabilistic Models of Instructions,​ Perception and Experience – Representation,​ Learning and Reasoning“. 
-The project investigates methods in the field of machine learning and data mining for cognitive robotic systems, which aim at combining the humans‘ capability of understanding natural language, perceiving objects in the environment and learning from experience. In particular, we want to equip robots with the ability to autonomously acquire knowledge in order to proficiently act in human environments and competently and successfully achieve their goals. 
-    * Develop and implement machine learning models and algorithms for the learning of and reasoning about complex relations among data sources relevant for intelligent autonomous robots 
-    * Create documentation and presentations of research results at international scientific conferences 
-    * Work independently and enthusiastically in close collaboration with project partners 
-    * Contribute to research fund proposals and public relation activities 
-    * Excellent Master‘s degree in computer science with major in artificial intelligence and/or machine learning (or equivalent). 
-    * Excellent skills in theory and practice of machine learning/​data mining methods, ideally experience with probabilistic graphical models. 
-    * Excellent programming skills in the Python programming language, C/C++ is beneficial 
-    * Experience in software development under Linux 
-    * Excellent oral and written level in English, especially in technical English. Skills in German is beneficial. 
-    * Very good organizational skills and team spirit 
-We are searching for an enthusiastic and dynamic colleague who is interested in joining a multidisciplinary research team. Applicants should have distinct profiles that show their potential to substantially contribute to research programme of the project. This can be demonstrated through experience in the realization of machine learning and data mining systems, expressive github profiles, being a key member of programming teams participating in competitions,​ etc. 
-More information can be found at:  
 =====Theses and Student Jobs===== =====Theses and Student Jobs=====
 If you are looking for a bachelor/​master thesis or a job as a student research assistant, you may find some interesting opportunities on this page. If you are looking for a bachelor/​master thesis or a job as a student research assistant, you may find some interesting opportunities on this page.