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 +====== Worldwide RoboHow Media Attention ======
 +{{ :​blog:​robohow_publicity_map.png?​300|}}
 +We are pleased to announce that the [[http://​www.robohow.eu|RoboHow EU project]] coordinated by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence has received major attention in media-outlets all over the world, including the [[http://​www.technologyreview.com/​news/​540781/​robots-learn-to-make-pancakes-from-wikihow-articles/​|MIT Technology Review]] and the [[http://​www.ibtimes.co.uk/​robohow-wikipedia-style-database-translates-wikihow-recipes-so-robots-can-follow-them-1516880|International Business Times]]. While the review demonstrations from year 2 (pancake baking) and year 3 (pizza making) are the main focus, all aspects of RoboHow'​s autonomous robot activity is described in detail in over 50 different articles worldwide.
 +<​html><​a href="​javascript:​void(0);"​ onclick="​newwindow = window.open('​http://​www.robots-doing-things.com/​robohow/​frame.html',​ '​coverage_widget',​ '​scrollbars=1,​width=650,​ height=460, left=' + ((screen.width - 650) / 2) + ', top=' + ((screen.height - 460) / 2)); if(window.focus) { newwindow.focus() } return false;">​Click here</​a></​html>​ to view an interactive map, showing where in the world news media is reporting on RoboHow'​s research success.